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Digital Dojo

Hello Friends,

During this time of social distancing, as we all work to support one another, ROCSKA in affiliation with is offering virtual practices for our kids, 4:00- 4:40 from your own space. You can contact me at for the Zoom ID and password.

Please observe the following protocol:

1) Please be ready and set up before start time. Try different angles heights and see what works best.

2) Warm up on your own before the practice starts, (25-35 jumping jacks, 8-10 inchworms follow by plank or boat for 20-30 seconds)

3) We will bow in, (rei) a the start of practice. We will do our meditation (mokuso) only at the end at this time.

Pandemic practices are complimentary. However, if you feel you

are able to help support Willow Domestic Violence Center, I am grateful to receive a suggested donation of $5 per class toward

those efforts. Normal payment is also much appreciated.

In addition, please note we continue with the All Levels Class,

as well. Beginners are always welcome. Contact me for details,

as our All Levels Class schedule is changed temporarily.

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