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On behalf of Shotokan Karate of America I am thrilled to welcome you to our practice! We will learn traditional karate, exercise our body and mind and have fun in the process. Please wear a T shirt and comfortable pants and remember to bring with you a bottle of water! The class will be structured to include one bathroom break and two or more water breaks as needed. Mokuso (Meditation) is an important part of the beginning and end of each karate lesson. There is no religious meaning attached to our sitting meditation. Our practice will cover Balance and Mechanics. Each session will include: 1) Kihon- Basics 2) Kata- Forms and 3) Games. Kumite- Sparring is offered at ages 10+ (Exceptions based on interest and experience.)

When entering or leaving the dojo (practice hall) floor, we show respect by bowing in, as well as bowing out. During practice, we stay focused by raising our hand when we have a question. We look forward to welcoming back old friends and meeting new ones!

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